Saturday, September 22, 2012

Apple Picking 2012

I grabbed one of my best pals and neighbor, Wendi and her 3 precious kids, my lifelong bestie, Sophie and her Thomas and we make the annual trek here...

I love this place for so many reasons.

1. My children have the organic opportunity to see food grow and harvest it. They understand that produce doesn't just appear on supermarket shelves. It is planted, grown, harvested, transported and sold.

2. Walking into the orchard is like leaving Las Vegas and just BREATHING. The air is fresh and crisp and the endless green is calms the mind. You can just be.

3. The crops! Eggplant, zucchini, Roma tomatoes, arugula, sweet potatoes, crisp apples, cucumbers...I could all of those, everyday!

4. The signature apple cider. I always buy a bunch of bottles. This visit they had pear cider too! I'm about to go grab a bottle now! mmmmm. Here is a blurb from their webite: "Almost minutes after our apples are pressed and the cider is bottled, they are sent to our on-site freezer to protect the freshness and extend the shelf life because we don’t use any preservatives.  This is why when you come to the Orchard to buy cider it is often still frozen.  Once the cider thaws, it remains good up to two weeks in the refrigerator."

5. Coming home and watching my family enjoy the "fruits" of their labors.

My "Super Princess" - her self-appointed nickname

A boy and his admirer

The whole crew minus Kaylee

Maddie and Logan against the grain

She poses of her own volition, I swear.

Yes, we got some of these cukes!

Add caption

Loved her reaction to all the baby apples

Scrutinizing the goods

Just love this pic of them

I like this version too.

I just like her curls and her perfect lips

My little star

I like her moment of solitude here.

Bein' brave
We had a great haul and the kids had a blast. MeThinks we shall do this again.

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