Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Bond of Sisterhood

Melts your heart, doesn't it?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Throne Away

I came across this most awesome chair during a recent thrifting excursion. I could not believe that someone would let this fabulous chair go, so I decided I'd make it over for my girls. After wrestling the sucker into my car and a quick trip to Lowes, the Throne project was underway!


Here is the original chair

Back view of the original chair

I started off by giving it a good cleaning. I used a little Lysol and bucket of water to clean off any dirt and dust.

My little bucket that could.

Next, I used a 3M sandblaster (#60) to remove as much of the original paint as possible.  I used the #60 which was the coarsest sander that I could find.

After sanding it down, I used a Kilz oil-based spray primer and let it dry for an hour.

I let my kids pick out the color. I decided to use spray rather than hand paint in order to save time.

Primer and Paint

The mama hard at work

In between coats of pink, I let each coat dry for an hour and then used the #220 SandBlaster to buff between coats. I LOVE this tack cloth too - it's perfect for wiping away imperfections.

Tack Cloth and Scuff Sander

I finally got it painted and voila!

Pink dust everywhere

And now my princesses finally have a throne to call their own!

Here are the costs.
The chair was $15 from Savers.
Paint, primer and tack cloth were $15.85 from Lowes.
I owned the sandblasters and the pillow!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Waiting patiently to see her FAVORITE story!

When we learned that the Fern Adair Conservatory of the Arts was putting on the play, MULAN, we knew that SOMEONE would be bursting with excitement!

Hannah will enroll at the conservatory in a year or so, but while we wait, it was fun to watch how talented these kids are! Both of my girls were enthralled and they loved knowing all the words to all of the songs! It was really well done.

Hannah brought her Mulan doll to the play with her and when the cast members caught sight of it, they grabbed the girls for a photo op. SO sweet!

Miss Sass and Miss Sass JR posing with the cast

Before the show started, I grabbed a couple shots of my girls in their seats. I love that they love the performing arts as much as their mommy!

Hannah and Mulan are geared up for the performance

Using mom's phone as pre-show entertainment
My sweet girls waiting to go in to the theatre

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