Friday, June 1, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation 2012

Hannah and SOME of her best friends
When did this happen? I remember holding her as a baby, willing her to stay small and in my arms forever. She didn't listen.

Hannah had her Kindergarten graduation ceremony (a week early, due to scheduling). She still has 4 days of school left but I am still in shock that she is old enough to be finishing her first real year of school.

When Hannah started school, I had no idea that I would end up making so many LOVELY friends along with her. I've bonded with some adorable mommy friends and I could not survive without them anymore! We have a network for carpooling, watching kids and constant play dates that keep my girls happy and busy.

True Story: The graduation ceremony consisted of the kindergarten class putting on a play, "The Wide Mouth Frog" and Hannah narrated it BEAUTIFULLY! I can brag on my blog that she reads beyond a 3rd grade level and I've never had to stress about sight words, reading, etc...that girl can outread her own mommy! In fact, she does. She reads chapter books like they are going out of style. I hope she never stops!!!

So back to the story...Maddie was quite perturbed that she was not "in the play" so she ran up on stage and crashed it before I could stop her. She was up on stage dancing along with the kiddos. It was actually quite hilarious as I grabbed her pretty quickly and ALL the kids and moms know who she is (gee, I wonder why). She has been trying to crash kindergarten all year. She really does try to sneak in EVERY day.

Anyhow, back to my darling Hannah. She is a blessing to me in so many ways! She has wisdom beyond her years and sometimes it's frustrating to me when she questions every single thing about the world, but I stop myself and appreciate that she is a powerhouse in that little mind and she is absorbing everything we teach/tell her. She is a sensitive soul and while easily hurt, she is also extraordinarily friendly and giving and loving to her friends and her "baby" sister.

She is so excited for 1st grade and I'm trying to prepare for more homework, longer days without her (boo) and even more friends and adventures to come!

But first I think we'll take the summer off!

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